Lionheart Lacrosse is the premier lacrosse educator in the central to Western Maryland Region. We aim to prepare our players for the next level of lacrosse, life and success. Players will receive and participate in:

  • Former Division I Coaches/Player and Professional Players Coaching Staff
  • Increase Lacrosse IQ and Athletic Awareness
  • Teaching the Championship Mindset – True Grit
  • Improving Game Speed
  • Professional Run Skills Clinics


LIONHEART LACROSSE: Growing great student-athletes & resilient lacrosse players, win or lose, succeed or fail, we know how to enjoy success and how to face adversity. We rise and rise again, picking ourselves and our brothers and sisters up, staying in the game, and prevailing with the heart of a lion. In the end, we win on and off the field.

The Lionheart philosophy is one like no other lacrosse organization today. We do not simply offer training opportunities for lacrosse players, we offer coaching from former Division 1 coaches and players along with current MLL players. We offer leadership training from former Marines so that your kids develop not only as lacrosse players but individuals as well. Lionheart focuses on the fun of the game for players and parents.

We believe that all lacrosse players should be given the opportunity to be kids.  They are not college athletes, they are not even high school athletes.  They need an opportunity to learn and grow as athletes and lacrosse players.  The sport should be fun and not a job!  Our program is the first program designed from start to finish with child development in mind as a priority. At this age it is about development! It is about building players and building confidence!  We are excited to share our philosophy with everyone who wants the opportunity to be apart of the Lionheart family.

Through Lionheart your kids will learn every aspect of the game, grow as players and people, and love the game of lacrosse more every day!